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 Trim the helicopter nuttcaze?

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PostSubject: Trim the helicopter nuttcaze?   Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:04 pm

Hey buddy I have a question. In your Honey Bee FP V2 set up guide videos you said that you should not adjust the trim on the controller. I am following Radd's school of flight and when you are going from hovering to starting to learn orientations he says

"The Helicopters job is to fly..the pilots job is simply to push it around..The first time I had a model really trimmed out and the gyro was working as it should I was very surprised to see all I had to do was move the aileron stick a little right and the model moved right and stopped when I let up on the stick!! Then I moved it Left and it moved back again..actually I was shocked!..I thought you had to fight to keep a helicopter in the air..WRONG ...Because if you have to keep the machine in the air you cant really be flying.Your doing two jobs..Get it? The model should be balanced and trimmed...The pilot should only push it around.."

So, after you know how to fly do you still not recommend trimming the V2 because of something specific to this heli or you just saying in general new people shouldn't trim while learning to fly or something completely different?

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Trim the helicopter nuttcaze?
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