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 Squeaking coming from main motor/head

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PostSubject: Squeaking coming from main motor/head   Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:50 pm

Hey guys,

My helicopter (FP V2) had been squeaking recently. After the squeaking started my tail motor started to go out. So I changed out my tail assembly with a new tail motor. This fixed the problems I was having with the tail motor but the squeaking is still there. So since it isn't the tail motor it must be either the main motor or somewhere in the head. Does anyone have any ideas of what it might be? I noticed that they sell replacement bearings for the main shaft, do you think this could be the problem? The squeak is usually only at low RPM's or when the helicopter is spinning down after I cut the power.

Could I put a drop of say gun oil on the ball bearing/shaft collar assembly to try and fix the squeak? Also, can anyone tell me which bearing is the main shaft bearing because there is also the bearing that the rotor blade attaches to and the manual doesn't tell you which is which.

Thanks in advance,
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PostSubject: Squeaking noise from HBFP V2   Mon Oct 05, 2009 1:03 pm

Skeaks generally come from a plastic part rubbing against another plastic part.
I would sugest holding Heli from landing gear sideways (blades pointing up and down and away from your body and that of anyone or objects) then speeding throtle slowly to observe where is the squeaking coming from (probably from rotor and frame). Adjust to correct then enjoy flying again.
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Squeaking coming from main motor/head
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