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 Motor Pinion Gear Up-Grade

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PostSubject: Motor Pinion Gear Up-Grade   Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:30 pm

Now that all of the parts have shipped....I'm ready to re-install the main gears, motor and pinion gear onto the Blue Ray 450.

The stock Ray came with a 11 and 13 tooth pinion and a Exceed Outrunner Alpha motor. I was using the 11t and I'm thinking about switching to the 13t.
I have two types of motors now, the Align 450m and the new Exceed Outrunner Alpha D2830.

I'm considering to first try the Alpha with 13T gear.

My flying ability is just beyond the nose in 5' hover stage and I'm ready to take the crash kit off since I'm setting the bird down smoothly and launching straight up outdoors without much trouble and rotating bird 360, forward and backward flight about yards and back easily.

Since I understand that the higher number of teeth on the pinion increases head speed and prolongs battery time, will I feel and see any major difference if I use the 13t pinion?
Do pitch settings need to be adjusted to accomdate higher head speed?

My pitch settings are standard:
1@ -2 degress
2@ 0 degrees
3@ +2 degrees
4@ +5 degrees
5@ +10 degrees


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PostSubject: Re: Motor Pinion Gear Up-Grade   Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:08 pm

Hello There, Yes, You are correct in one respect..the higher # tooth pinion will give you a higher headspeed, but you will lose a little effiicency on your lipo...the flight times will be a little shorter. However the higher headspeed will make the heli feel smoother and more responsive! I have a 13 tooth on my CopterX 450 with the Align Carbon Fiber Blades and she flies very smooth and easier to control vs. the 11 tooth that came with the kit. Just be sure to balance and track your blades. Any mis-match will be more noticable with the faster headspeed! Sounds like your skills should be fine with the 13 tooth. Hope this helps...Enjoy your flights!
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Motor Pinion Gear Up-Grade
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