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 My Review of the Super Blades by www.Super-Skids.com

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PostSubject: Re: My Review of the Super Blades by www.Super-Skids.com   Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:26 pm

Ok, I got my XPs and flew them probably 30 min of flight time this weekend. The only way I will ever use my EZs again is if I have NO other blades to run! The XPs are just as easy to hover with as the EZs but forward flight is excellent. Bottom line: DO NOT BUY EZs! Even if you are a total newby, you'll be better off with the XPs!

So now I have the following blades (all mounted on their own rotor heads with a few heads to spare): Two stock blades, Super Blade EZ, Super Blade XP, 10 degree woodies. I have not flown the woodies yet. They did not seem very good with the stock stiffener, so I made my own, and it seems like it will hold them at 90 once they are spooled up. I guess I should give them a shot just to see how they are. The good news is that I have not broken a single pair of blades yet!
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My Review of the Super Blades by www.Super-Skids.com
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