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 E-SKY 0704B & DX6i

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PostSubject: E-SKY 0704B & DX6i   Mon Oct 26, 2009 6:16 pm

hi guys,

i was in the mood to buy a DX6i today and removed the stock esky receiver and installed an AR6110e.

so far so good, i got it bind, servos move in the right directions, but im stuck atm.

  • 1: the gyro red light is completely OFF after the heli initalized. it blinks sometimes but.. i really dont know what is wrong
- fixed ->i moved the gyro plug around on the receiver and the light is on now.
  • 2: i didnt find HH-mode in the dx6i gyro-menu so i also couldnt set the gyro gain i had on my esky transmitter (9 o'clock position).
- it was the % setting, for some reason on the original esky transmitter i had to use 9 o'clock setting and on the dx6i ~70%
  • 3: which button do i have to switch on the transmitter to enable/disable HH/rate mode? the flaps/gyro knob seems not to do anything.
- ok, found out it is this switch, the light went on when the setting was above 50%
  • 4: which knob do i switch to enable/disable idle up mode? i tried all switches and the swashplate didnt move!
- fixed -> programmed thro/pitch curves

alot of stupid questions, but i thought i might ask the specialists in here before i loose my nerves :prop:
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PostSubject: Re: E-SKY 0704B & DX6i   Tue Oct 27, 2009 11:01 am

ok, all problems solved,

the heli just crashed because the tail servo got a short jitter from the gyro for no reason and i was hovering in front of my house testing it without having much room to act against this.

i have read about the very same problem on the heliguy forum, i dont know if the servo has problems with the spektrum receiver or the gyro,

all i know is, my heli is damaged again...

heli pause now!

next time i will build a newly ordered f-16 with working retracts/gear-doors, rudder control, ailerons/flaperons and elevator.
heli flying is fun but these annoying problems i had.. atomic
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E-SKY 0704B & DX6i
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