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 Help! - HBFP no throttle with new AR6110 and Dx6i

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PostSubject: Help! - HBFP no throttle with new AR6110 and Dx6i   Fri May 07, 2010 8:50 pm

Hi Guys,

I'm really confused about this one, can anyone help? I've converted my HBFP FM-35Mhz Rx to a 2.4ghz Spektrum AR6110. I've got it binding ok with my Dx6i but it is not producing a throttle response or tail rotor response. It's like it's not 'seeing' the throttle command. Dx6i works fine with my AR6200 in my Erazor 450.

If I bind the AR6110 with the throttle stick in middle, the 4in1 will stay red (which is correct), I drop the throttle and 4in1 arms by going green. All this is good. But then moving the stick produces no motor response in main motor or tail rotor. Also - when I move throttle stick up to full, the 4in1 does not go red. It does go red normally if I use the stock Esky FM transmitter with the FM receiver and move throttle stick up to full (I think red just means that it's at full throttle. I've also re bound it (many times now...!) with throttle stick down and the 4in1 arms correctly by going green.

I've done the AR6110 mod as suggest by nuttcaze. Aileron and Elevator servos working fine. 4in1 still works fine when I unplug the AR6110 and replug in the original Esky FM Rx.

Very confuzling!

So my questions: -is the AR6110 ok to use as a replacement for the AR6100 (I believe the AR6110 is just a newer version right?)
- Do you think I might have a dud AR6110? I actually ordered an AR6100 but shop was out of stock.
- Am I using the right 4in1? Will the old FM35Mhz ones work with the AR6110 or do I need to mod a 2.4ghz 4in1?

I think my next options will be to take my AR6200 out of the ERazor 450 and see if that works. I guess that will tell me if it's the Rx or the 4in1.

Would love some help if anyone knows what's going on with this one!
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PostSubject: Re: Help! - HBFP no throttle with new AR6110 and Dx6i   Wed Jun 09, 2010 7:06 am

I think your throttle is reversed. Try to reverse your throttle.

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Help! - HBFP no throttle with new AR6110 and Dx6i
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