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 Excitement over common sense? BR upgrades

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PostSubject: Excitement over common sense? BR upgrades   Fri May 22, 2009 1:02 pm

Well, I bit the bullet and decided to upgrade the RC TX in my BR, and after figuring out where all the servos got connected to the new RX, and getting a minimal set up on the TX, I'm like... gee I have these faster servos too.

So yep, the BR is half torn appart now (of course I didn't take pictures before I did it, lol). But Xheli has good pics for reference.

And of course I want to get back in the air sooo bad, so trying not to rush but do the steps right. Finding out goofy things like, what do you mean my old servo arms won't fit. Oh, where did these little brass washers come from? Why in the world did they choose that way to mount them.... ohh there is this thing called alignment.

Oh and the best of all was... learning how to get the frame bolts out (there is a trick I learned I'm sure the exprienced ones know about). Ended up dremeling off the head of one to get the shaft bearing brace out. You know, the one that seperates all by itself, yeah. Gee, that really wasn't such a clever idea Crazysmile

I wanna fly... orange49

Built it right.... orange44

Amazing what you learn after the fact .... headbeat

Give me the patience to develop patience, lol orange67

Rantings of a excited newbie flyaway
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Excitement over common sense? BR upgrades
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