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 FMS Simulator, its free!!

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PostSubject: FMS Simulator, its free!!   Tue Mar 10, 2009 9:02 am

Just wanted to post this for those who don't know about this yet

Heres some info on flight simulators, for the newbies |D


[size=16pt]The best place to start is to get this E_Sky Sim Kit From X-Heli, its only $20[/size]

Want this heli and landscape for FMS, DownLoad These

E_Sky HBCP2 - mediafire.com ?mmzmomammin

Indoor Hall - mediafire.com ?qmcxcmyjnyi


I've been spending alot of time playing around on FMS lately, I've been downloading new models and scenery and have found some very good ones. The biggest complaint about FMS has always been the lack of realism, well when you download new scenery's and models it solves alot of the problem, its no where near as realistic as the more expensive sims but Flight simulators are mainly just to teach you the basics of controlling the heli. Every model in FMS handles and responds different, there are quite a few that are very realistic. A great alternative to buying another sim.


[size=16pt]Additional Installation Instructions Below[/size]


[size=18pt]Free Downloads to make FMS MUCH better!!

Get more models and scenery here

Well through lots of web surfing, I've finally found some sceneries and models that both look and perform more like the real thing. I've been collecting them so that I can put them all in one place so that others may download the files too (free). I am still working on getting everything together but it will be broke down to 6 folders, my favorite planes/helis/sceneries, the rest will just be average models and sceneries that I've found.

This is all for 2.8x versions of FMS

The Quality of the sim depends on your computer.

Fav Helis (28) - mediafire.com ?sharekey=4605faf1036dda1491b20cc0d07ba4d2aa8c528ca12b90c4
Fav Planes (56) - mediafire.com ?sharekey=4605faf1036dda1491b20cc0d07ba4d299126ea0f22dc82b
Fav Sceneries (9) - mediafire.com ?sharekey=4605faf1036dda1491b20cc0d07ba4d273a8dac08c4e569d

[size=16pt]To Install Additional Models and Landscapes.[/size]

This works fine on my computer but Install at your own risk, I will accept no responsibility if you screw your computer up Wink.

1 - Make a new folder on your Desktop Named "FMS".

2 - Open that floder and make 2 additional Folders, one named "Models" and the other named "Landscapes"

3 - Go Download new planes/helis and save them to the "Models Folder" in the "FMS" folder. Save any Landscapes in the "Landscape Folder"

---You will need WinRar to extract the files - http://www.download.com/WinRAR/3000-2250_4-10007677.html

4 - Open either the Models or Landscapes Folder, at the top select "Edit" and then go down and click on "Select All"

5 - After they are all highlighted, right click on any one, a menu will pop up, click on extract files

6 - Extract the files to C: Drive - Program Files - FMS - "Models" or "Landscapes"

If any menus pop up asking if you would like to replace any files, click "Yes to all"

After they are done extracting, everything is finished and the new models and landscapes will be ready for use. You will need Versions 2.8x to use PhotoRealistic Backgrounds. You may also need a video card, it will depend on your comp.


[size=16pt]TURN THE FOG OFF[/size]

Depending on the size of your computer screen, try zooming in or out to make the picture better scaled to your screen.

Try turning "Fixed Viewing Position" off, the heli won't always be centered in the middle of the screen, pretty cool, I didn't like it but I'm sure some others will.

[size=18pt]Some Pics[/size]

Model - mediafire.com ?qmomahe2owd

Landscape - Listed Below

Model - mediafire.com ?mngmmn1zr0c

Landscape - mediafire.com ?nuzmoyomkky

Model - mediafire.com ?n0n2h31mmxm

Landscape - mediafire.com ?qmcxcmyjnyi

Model - mediafire.com ?mhktmticnq5

Landscape - mediafire.com ?hmqgditzkmc

Model - mediafire.com ?zz22mmm03jd

Landscape - Listed Above

Model - mediafire.com ?xymndoljwzj

Landscape - mediafire.com ?my5g1wfzo2m

Model - mediafire.com ?t2yifemxoyq

Landscape - mediafire.com ?m2czijzmmcg

Model - mediafire.com ?mvzvymjtxim

Landscape - mediafire.com ?g32tawzxakt

Model - mediafire.com ?4znqojgwwqj

Landscape - mediafire.com ?i20n4jg02mu

Model - mediafire.com ?awkyl2a5onz

Landscape - mediafire.com ?n3zmeznmytl

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PostSubject: Re: FMS Simulator, its free!!   Tue Mar 10, 2009 9:28 am

more instructions on how to install FMS

Original Author (from rcdiscuss) - paul

First just to make sure: you are running Windows XP & all other programs have been turned off.

Please first download "fmsdisk01.exe" from here. And Be Sure to save that file to your DESKTOP.

Now that the file is completely downloaded onto your desktop. Please Open or Run the "fmsdisk01.exe" file. This will now install the actual software into your computer system, please install English version (for most people). Once the FMS software is completely installed, you can now run the Flight Module Simulator (FMS) on your computer. ***Window Vista Computer Users, Please See Below***

Please first make sure your Transmitter(TX) (either real Transmitter or the fake one) is plugged directly to your computer via USB port. (USB port is much easier to work with & Real Transmitter needs Power Light ON to Operate on computer, the Fake remote does not need any battery to operate.) Once the remote is plugged in, now please run the Flight Module Simulator (FMS) via the Short Cut.

For every new installation of the FMS you will always need to configure the FMS program to "correctly" accept commands from the transmitter(TX), so that the controls / buttons work EXACTLY like they would on a real R/C Helicopter or R/C Plane. To configure the FMS program to your Transmitter(TX), Please follow the Below pictures & instructions.

So FMS is installed on your computer, Open or Run the FMS program and this Screen will appear. Notice Top Row contains all the commands for configuring / Editing this software. Please Go to "Controls" & then "Analog Control".

A box will appear, Please Highlight "Joystick Interface".

Under "Joystick Interface", please first Click on "Resources" to check to see if your Computer Recognizes the Transmitter(TX) Remote that should be plugged into your computer via a USB port.

Once you click on "Resources", This screen will pop up. It will display information under "Joystick 1" and "Joystick 2". Underneath our above picture "Joystick 1" says "Microsoft PC-joystick driver" which is a CONFIRMED SUCCESS. This means your computer is able to read the TX Remote that is Plugged into the Computer. As long as the "Microsoft PC-joystick driver" message is there along with 6 blue/white bars, either under Joystick 1 or Joystick 2, means Success. Please hit "Ok" button to get back to previous menu. (**things to try if you are not getting the right message: try unplugging all other game devices/remotes from your computer [leaving your mouse & keyboard plugged in], try using various USB ports to plug into, try using other TX remotes on FMS, etc...)

Now click on "Mapping / Calibration". The screen that pops up is the HEART & SOUL of configuring FMS to the TX remote.
STEP ONE: Please Make Sure to set the Numbers & Check the boxes the way you see it here. Under "Channel" column the numbers should read "4,2,1,3, 4,2,1,3," TOP going DOWN and all the Boxes under the "Inv" column should be Checked.
STEP TWO: Now click on the "Calibrate" button. The "Next" button will come up.

While the "Next" button is on the screen, you will need to PHYSICALLY move the the two JoySticks (Left & Right) so that your FMS can properlly read the commands coming from the TX remote.

START OFF: with the Left joystick, move the Left joystick up, down, and all around. Notice which two graphs go up & down with your Left joystick movement. The answer is Channel 3 & 4, but specifically Left Joystick up/down controls Channel 3 and Right Joystick left/right controls Channel 4. Please return the Left joystick to the South Position, throttle all the way down.

NEXT: with the Right joystick, move the Right joystick up, down, and all around. Notice which two graphs go up & down with your Right joystick movement. The answer is Channel 1 & 2, but specifically Right Joystick up/down controls Channel 2 and Right Joystick left/right controls Channel 1. The right joystick is spring loaded in all directions, so that stick just stays in the middle once you leave it alone.

FINALLY: Not touching any joystick, notice how Channel 3 is all Blue or all White, Because your throttle is all the way down. good indication. Channel 1, 2, and 4 are about Middle, beause your JoySticks are in the middle. Please now click the "Next" button and the "Finish" button. DO NOT click any "Cancel" buttons. You will need to exit out of the Menu Boxes and get back to your Run-Way with Helicopter or Airplane, by clicking on the "Ok" button(s).

Once back at the FMS Run-Way, you SHOULD load a new Heli/Plane. Follow the above picture, Please click on "Model", then click on "Load", then open up the "Model" Folder and load any Heli or Plane file. (Heli or Plane are listed as .par files)
SHORT-CUT: Please press the "i" button on keyboard to INSTANTLY Re-Load the same heli / plane that you previously had. Doing this insures that the plane/heli will load up with the new configuration that we just made. (you can also use this trick when you crash, pressing the "i" button is much faster) Now you can finally test your FMS remote control skills. Be sure that both the Left & Right Joysticks are making the Heli / Plane do what YOU think they are SUPPOSE to do. If they are not please go back and double check your configuration, maybe something wasn't set right.

Extra Stuff (up vs. down OR down vs. up):
Some RC plane pilots like to Invert their up & down. I like to fly r/c planes (NON Inverted) with my right joystick WHEN it is set like this: Forward stick = plane goes UP, Backward stick = plane goes DOWN, Left stick = plane banks left, & Right stick = plane banks right. This is how I set up my TX remotes on FMS.
For those who like an Inverted UP vs DOWN, meaning Forward stick = plane goes down & Backward stick = plane goes up. Please go back to Step 4. Under "Mapping / Calibration" you will need to UNCHECK the two boxes under the "Inv" next to Channel 2, because if you remember Right joystick up & down makes channel 2 move. Uncheck those two boxes and go through steps 4 - 6 again, now your right joystick UP / Down is now inverted. **You can apply this method to any of the 1-4 channels on "Mapping / Calibration", so if ALL your Controls are backwards just uncheck ALL the boxes under the Inv column & repeat Step 4-6.

Plane / Heli does not stay on Run way, It takes off when I hit "i":
Please make sure your THROTTLE TRIM is all the way down, NOT IN MIDDLE. Your throttle trim is the Vertical Slider Bar to the LEFT of the ON/OFF button in the middle of TX remote, MAKE SURE that slider is all the way DOWN. The other 3 slider bars should remain in the middle.

***Setup Instruction for WINDOWS VISTA***
For those of you who have Windows Vista (Why did you get Vista???) you will need to add a file into the 'FMS' folder in order to successfully run FMS on Windows Vista. If you do not, you WILL get an error message "missing a file [blah blah] d3drm.dll" when you do try to run FMS. So just follw the below instructions and add that file to your FMS folder before you start up the FMS program.

Please download the below file: (http://www.dlldump.com/download-dll-files_new.php/dllfiles/D/d3drm.dll/5.1.2600.0/download.html) to your desktop.
Go to My computer > C Drive > Program Files > FMS
Go to Start > Run > C:\Program Files\FMS

You will need to place a copy of "D3DRM.DLL" file in the FMS folder, Highlight 'd3drm.dll', Right-Click it and hit "COPY', move mouse to the FMS folder and Right-Click and hit Paste. A copy should now be in the FMS folder.

Launch the Flight Simulator again.

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PostSubject: Thanks   Wed Mar 11, 2009 10:58 pm

Thanks Nuttcaze - it worked out perfectly. You're settings worked and they were significantly different than the way the sim set itself up. Thanks again
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Donnie D

Donnie D

PostSubject: Re: FMS Simulator, its free!!   Sun Mar 15, 2009 10:38 am

I have Windows Me old wheelchair Will the Esky Flight Sim work ok on that? I only have the disc that came with one of my helis that you use with the regular transmitter. I don't really need any of the fancy scenes or anything. I just would like a model that simulates an FP heli like the HBFP and a CP like the belt just to be able to practice basic stuff, especialy nose in hovering and nose in flying.

Thanks for the help
Donnie D
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PostSubject: Re: FMS Simulator, its free!!   Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:04 am

any good simulator for mac? fms for mac?
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PostSubject: Re: FMS Simulator, its free!!   Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:08 am

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PostSubject: Re: FMS Simulator, its free!!   

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FMS Simulator, its free!!
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