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 Need help please

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PostSubject: Need help please   Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:22 am

Hi could you please help. Have just bought a Belt-CP E-Sky and not flowen it yet. I've been a bit worried about the placement of the battery, there are two pictures in the manual, one has the battery well back with velcro binding around the front of the battery, which dosen't seem secure enough to me, the other photo shows the battery much more forward with the velcro length ways around the battery, but I'm a bit worried about what this will do to the balance of the heli. I'm not confident enough as yet to do any modifications without advice.

Also if you could help with the transmitter...when taking the first flight do you have the GYRO switch up or down (on or off)? and the Hover Pit dial on the left of the transmitter set to ')'?, the PIT TRIM dial on the right set to 'O'?, the IDLE UP swith forward or back(on or off)?

In the manual it refers to a reversing switch, pulled back before the transmitter is switched on...where on the transmitter is this switch?

Hope you can help, I'd really like to be sure before I get the Heli. off the ground for the first time.

Thanks so much.
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PostSubject: First heli?   Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:41 am

So Ron, is this your first heli? Idle up back which is off set the hov.pit @ mid. Gyro up(head hold) Pit. trim @ mid. Not sure bout the reversing switch! Anybody??
I'd suggest you google "RADDS SCHOOL OF ROTARY FLIGHT" BEFORE!!!!! You try to fly!!!!! You will need to learn control BEFORE you try to fly!!! A belt CP can and will KILL YOU!!! Well it can hurt you very bad!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Need help please   Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:07 pm

Hey Ron orange60

I think the reversing swith is the gyro swith. If you just have the stock Esky TX I belive that's what they're referring to. In my manual it refers to that gyro switch three different ways. (Loose translations I guess from China) If they're talking about the one on the gyro itself it needs to be on reverse. With a regular gyro it doesn't matter which position your switch is in, but with a headlock gyro it should be up (or on) like Fatdaddy said.

On the Hov Pit and Idle knobs the book shows to set like Fatdaddy said to and the Idle up swith should be pointing towards the back of you TX or down if it were sitting flat on a table or something.

I'm with Fatdaddy. . . RADDs school of flight is highly recommended to learn control and familiarize yourself with how your heli is going to react.

Another thought on that "reversing switch" that has to be turned on off or whatever before you activate the TX. That may be their way or saying you need to have your throttle lever and throttle trim to the right of the throttle, all the way down before you activate the TX because if you don't, when you power up the heli it won't initialize until those are set down. My Esky transmitter doesn't have a "Reversing Switch" on it, so I assumed it was the Gyro switch.

On your battery mounting. . . . On my CP I put a little piece of velcro on the bottom of each of my batteries and one in the battery tray and mounted it all the way back in the tray as far as it would go. Then I used the strap to hold it more securely. This does effect the balance with the battery that far back and I had to add 3 oz of weight to the front of the canopy to center the balance on it, but it all stays in place and flies great (when I don't mess up) LOL!!! If you try to mount the battery with the strap length wise over the battery you may find that the battery cables themselves aren't long enough to connect to the ESC.

Hope this helps you out.
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PostSubject: Re: Need help please   Thu Jul 30, 2009 8:03 pm

Just thought of something today when I was messing with a new gyro I put on my heli. It might be talking about one of the four reversing switches on your transmitter.

You been nable to get it running yet?
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PostSubject: Re: Need help please   

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Need help please
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