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 Belt CP V2 Metal Upgrades

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PostSubject: Belt CP V2 Metal Upgrades   Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:33 pm

Hi Guy's,
Can anyone recommend good quality metal upgrades for the CP v2? I have come across a site: www.helibuy.com They have metal upgrades for around $28. Am I asking for trouble with these kits, bad quality, poor design etc? I am a total novice and would like to strengthen up the heli (if you know what I mean) just in case of..........

Any help appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: Belt CP V2 Metal Upgrades   Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:48 pm

Hi Axel, Welcome to the forum. I'm not speaking from experence, but just what I've observed, (and I got a concentrated course!). When you start making certain parts or areas stronger the damage moves deeper into the bird. When a cp heli touches a main rotor blade to anything something is going to break. If it's a whimpy part on the head it's a fairly easy fix (and cheap). If the head is strong (CNC) the force starts moving into servos, main gears and electronics, etc. The arguments that there is less vibration, faster, crisper response and a heck of alot cooler looking are all true.
So if you have enough experence to keep out of trouble go for cool, But if you are like some of us accept the slop and whimpy feel and CHEAP parts for a while. Chances are you are not going to stay with the CP V2 once you have some good stick time under your belt anyway. Just my opinion. 2cents navy1
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PostSubject: Re: Belt CP V2 Metal Upgrades   Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:45 pm

Hey Axel orange60

Welcome to the forum!!!

Chief's right!!! orange74

The more metal you have on your bird the more plastic inside can and probably will break or strip. I have installed a CNC Esky kit that I bought from a guy on eBay. It contained all of the head assembly and tail assembly. I've had crashes using both plastic and CNC and the CNC always seemed to do more damage to stuff because it was alot stronger than the other parts originally put in by factory.

If you know what you're doing the CNC upgrade seems to make flight smoother (IMO anyway) and it seems easier to maintain and service to me. It seemed that the heli responded better to me too. Here's a link to the set that I bought. It was $17 or so + shipping from China.Esky Upgrade Kit
The only problem that I had with the set was that it took two weeks for me to get it. I'm sometimes impatient when I want to do things. LOL !!!

It is just the stock Esky kit, but contains all the head and tail pieces. You will have to assemble the kit yourself. The CNC kit does require a special feathering or spindle shaft. If you buy from that guy on eBay, the kit will contain two so you will have at least one spare. The stock feathering shafts won't work because the new ones are longer. There are other kits out there. Just do your homework so you don't get censored !!!!!

I've crashed three times with the CNC kit (faulty ESC once, and poor judgement while inverted on the other two. . . .LOL) It held up very well, but a lot of plastic control rods I never used to have problems with broke and I've stripped two servos crashing with the CNC. CNC stuff didn't even have a scratch though. Didn't mind the crashes either, because I learned my lesson and the CNC add ons proved theselves. I love building and tearing apart stuff too so that's half the fun!!! LOL.

Set up with this kit is not hard and if you know how to replace your main and tail shaft it will be a breeze. There should be detailed instructions in your owner's manual for the CP though on how to install the upgrades.

I've never bought anything from helibuy.com so I'm not speaking from experience, but a friend of mine bought something there and got something completely different than he ordered three times and finally just asked for a refund. Don't know if they were having a bad couple weeks or what, because I know other people that had no problems getting stuff from there.

Hope this helps!
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PostSubject: Re: Belt CP V2 Metal Upgrades   Fri Aug 07, 2009 4:27 pm

Thanks for info guy's, I will wait for a while and maybe upgrade once I have some experience under my belt! lol 'belt' No pun intended. orange80 Good Grief........
I'm sure I will have further questions as I get more into it, but I am about to go and try my first hover. Been practising on XTR for a week and am going to try real thing!
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PostSubject: ESKY CNC   Fri Aug 07, 2009 5:30 pm

Just a couple things to keep in mind!! I use and like the purple ESKY CNC parts...
However, they are made from lower grade metal, its much softer than the higher priced
stuff and will bend in a crash as well as pass the power on to other parts that will berak. The purple stuff does work very good when set up right.. And it is not always to get it set up right it can be tough and it does NOT stay in tune for very long even without any crashes!! At the very least you will need to set tracking often!! As mentioned above it is not hard to build it up but it can be a little more tricky to "Tune"
But I love "tuning" so I don't mind... Also the parts WILL wear out faster than others.
I started replacing parts before I was done learning to hoover... Just keep this in mind and the ESKY stuff will serve you fine.. For better quility stuff look at cnchelicopter.com
They have some really nice stuff for the belt!!
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PostSubject: Re: Belt CP V2 Metal Upgrades   

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Belt CP V2 Metal Upgrades
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