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PostSubject: XHELI-ACCUCEL 6 CHARGER   XHELI-ACCUCEL 6 CHARGER I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 23, 2010 9:13 pm

Bought an XHELI, ACCUCEL 6, charger from Xheli several weeks ago. Its suppose to charge all battery types including LiPo's which is the reason I bought it. After numerous attempts to charge my battery packs kept getting messege "Break in Connection". This according to the manuel means that theres a break in connection between the charger and battery pack. After checking all connections, charge adaptors, and batteries, no breaks were found. Charger still failed to work.

Have tried on too many occassions to list to contact XHELI for technical support or for information on how to proceed to get a replacement charger. This has been on-going for over 3 weeks now.
No one at XHELI has attempted to contact me. I have sat on the phone on hold for hours to never get answered or given a chance to talk to anyone. All the e-mails I have sent are always answered with an automated reply "someone will contact you within 48 hours to address your concerns", they have never personally replied to my e-mails or attempted to call me on the phone number that I have left with every possible place I can leave it on their website.
I have even tried chatting with the on-line representative for tech support or any other issues one may have. The problem with this? The representative that is speaking to you, is also speaking with numerous people with problems at the same time they are speaking with you. You end up explaining your problem on-line to representaive more than once only to be told its better for you to call in during normal business hours. And we now know how far your going to get that way!!
I have written yet another e-mail this afternoon to Xheli because I cannot reach them by any other means. If anyone has any suggestions, please, let me know so that I can get my money back or get a replacement charger.

Please consider these issues if you are planning on doing business with XHELI.
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