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 HBFP tail rotor assembly

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Donnie D


PostSubject: HBFP tail rotor assembly   Sat May 09, 2009 8:27 am

OK HBFP pilots. Drop what you're doing, and go check something on your HBPS's. Check the gear mesh of your tail rotor gear and the motor pinion. The gear should be close to the center of the pinion.

I was just out flying, and all of a sudden the HBFP started to spin and I couldn't stop. Thanks to my expert piloting skills (otherwise known as luck) I landed without damage.

Upon inspection, I noticed the gear was running on the very inside edge (closest to frame) of the pinion, and had as a result worn that portion of the teeth of the gear.

My fix was to cut a very short piece (less than 1/16") long piece of the rubber tubing that holds the tail blade on, and installing it on the shaft between the gear and the housing, centering the gear to the pinion.

TIP: Next time you change out tail motors, be sure to check the gear mesh before you install the screws or solder the wires. If it isn't close to center, do what you have to to get it that way. Maybe a spacer or washer between motor and housing or the same fix I did. This problem will also cause the tail to be twitchy before the gear wears completely. macguyver

Donnie D smiley-happy088

(This was supposed to be under "TIPS and TRICKS". If someone knows how to move it there, please do.
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HBFP tail rotor assembly
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